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About My Photography

My Style

I'd consider my style to be very journalistic; a combination of documentation and storytelling. My goal in any shoot is to capture real, organic moments and create unique images that clearly depict the event and the people participating. My galleries offer a vivid example of the many approaches I take in creating portraits, both during the photo session and in the editing process. While I have my own particular style and take inspiration from a variety of different sources, I'm always open to new and original ideas. It is my priority that you are pleased with your portraits.

Processing Techniques

It is no secret that digital cameras and processing programs have become more widely accessible to the general public. While there will always been new and improved ways to Photoshop techniques coming out on the market, for me, Photoshop is a tool to enhance a photo, not create one. That being said, my basic uses for Photoshop are to mask blemishes or unseemly marks, adjust exposure and coloration and sometimes use a bit of stylization.Check out this example of how I mask blemishes and adjust the exposure of an image taken in poor lighting conditions. Additionally, here are some sample of the stylizations I've been known to use: montages, photo collages and touch of color.

Social Networking

If you use any social networks, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) I'd like to add you! I use them for advertising purposes, and being able to tag my subjects stretches the reach of my work that much farther. Additonally, the use of social networks gives me another opportunityto get to know you, and for you to get to know me.




Social Medias: Accreditation

I wish this could go without being said, but please, if you're going to repost my work elsewhere, such as on a social media, be sure to credit me for my work. The best way to accomplish this is by adding in the details or comments section of any outlet "Photo by B.Marie Photography" and then link back my my official website or Facebook Fanpage. If you've added me on any of the social networks I've listed, you can simply tag me in the image.


I provide an online store to purchase prints and download digital copies. Additioanlly, please contact me regarding costs for a digital disc of your images.


I am presently using a Digital Nikon D7000 and D3000. All photographs are edited and enhanced in Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0.

Videos are all done digitally as well and shot in HD. I am currently using a Canon Vixia HF M30 as well as the Nikon D7000. Videos are edited in Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0