B.Marie Photography | Sam's Birthday Redo {2018}

Sam's Birthday Redo {2018}

June 09, 2018  •  4 Comments

On Friday June 8th, something pretty cool happened in downtown Eugene. But this story actually began 6 days earlier, when a young man name Sam and his mother were asked to leave a showing of Deadpool 2. 

But don't worry, because this story ends happy. After Brenda shared the post, it hit the internet like wildfire, and the community responded. Listed at the bottom of this post are all the amazing local businesses and community members that stepped up to give Sam a birthday redo. Sam and several friends and family were invited to the Broadway Metro for a private viewing of Deadpool 2, and they had some super company. 

Broadway Metro
Radar Toys
Rick Dancer
Reality Kitchen
And of course, all the amazing cosplayers with Poolie's Angels! 


Oh my goodness I have had the pleasure of working with Super Sam in the past and I can truly hear his happy noises and it brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Shame on the theater and folks within that ruined his birthday but what a truly amazing make up from so many amazing people. Happy birthday Sam!
Jessica DeMarco(non-registered)
Sam, I'm happy your birthday redo went far better than the original! What a wonderful way for the community to come together and celebrate!!
This kind of thing gives me hope for human kind....
Tina Brown(non-registered)
This is the most freaking amazing thing I've read this month!!! Thank you to all involved!
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